Happy New Year! Journal, Journal, Journal!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for 2016.  So many milestones being reached and great things happening!  I have a son getting married and son a graduating from college, my daughter is going on a historical trip to Washington D.C., and going on to high school, my youngest will be “graduating” from elementary (no more kids in elementary school! Yippee!), we are taking a family trip to Hawaii and….last but not least, I am turning 50!  I don’t feel 50 but they say it’s the new 30 right!?


Where does the time go?  Times like this when I reflect back on my life, and I am beyond thankful that I decided to be the family “historian”  26 years ago.  I look back on my old scrapbooks and I laugh.  Not only at the photos and memories but at how “awful” they look compared now.  Scrapbooking is an evolution!  Over time we evolve and our styles change but the one constant is the documented memories, good and bad, that will live on far after we are gone!  I never liked my writing so I always let journaling for last.  There are several pages that have a blank space waiting for the story.  The “story” is the most important part.  Write it!  It doesn’t matter if your penmanship isn’t perfect or you make a small error that you need to fix.  That is life as it is today!  Document it…happy and sad.  When I see a handwritten card that my mother had given me it stirs up emotions that I am grateful for.  So take the time to tell the story, name the people, place, date.  You will be so happy you did!


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